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rails s でのWebpackerエラー

rails sして、Localhostを起動するが、




Webpacker::Manifest::MissingEntryError in hogehoge

Showing /Users/yuhiisk/Work/sites/smout/app/views/layouts/application.html.slim where line #10 raised:
Webpacker can't find application.js in /Users/yuhiisk/Work/sites/smout/public/packs/manifest.json. Possible causes:
1. You want to set webpacker.yml value of compile to true for your environment
unless you are using the `webpack -w` or the webpack-dev-server.
2. webpack has not yet re-run to reflect updates.
3. You have misconfigured Webpacker's config/webpacker.yml file.
4. Your webpack configuration is not creating a manifest.
Your manifest contains:



どうやらwrapper のインストールはできているが、




rails webpacker:install
rails webpacker:compile